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by ebene3

Anita KroloHello and welcome to Krolitaslife!

Great that you have found the way here. My name is Anita, I’m 41 years old, married and mother of two. Here you will learn many things about me, my favorite recipes that have healthy and above all healing effects and some lifestyle experiences. I like to cook and bake. In our family, we always value good, fresh and healthy food.

I was originally employed in banking. At that time I often pushed my body to the limits of efficiency (due to the double burden of job / motherhood). So that at some point in addition to allergies, gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure, migraine had diffuse pains throughout the body that no doctor could call by name. That’s why I decided to take my own health into my own hands …

I’ve always been interested in the topic of “healthy eating”, so I literally devour articles on the internet or in magazines. I am fascinated by the knowledge of healing foods. Through targeted eating of fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds you can improve your illness or even eat away!

So that should be long for now. I wish you a lot of fun and enjoy reading and browsing through my blog. And of course I hope you like the blog …


Your Anita from Krolitaslife

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