Breakfast bread with fresh fruits and vegetables

by anita
Frühstück Brotaufstriche

How about a very different breakfast than usual? Usually I like to eat my kefir with fruit, cinnamon and hemp seeds for breakfast. Inspired by the media, I tried some bread with fruits and vegetables. So no sweet spreads, spicy spreads but a combination of spreads with fruit and vegetables on it. And yes I am very excited !!! Not only does it look very tempting, it also tastes awesome. Try it out! The great thing is, there are no limits and everyone has their own taste!

Vegan chocolate cream with roasted almonds and raspberries

Vegane Schokocreme mit gerösteten Mandelsplitter und Himbeeren

Cream cheese with pear, radishes and dill

Frischkäse mit Birne und Radieschen und Dill

Cream cheese with blueberries, rosemary and honey

Frischkäse mit Blaubeeren, Rosmarin und Honig


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