Celery juice – hype or healthy

by anita
celery juice

Honestly, I was not so fascinated with celery in the beginning. My favorite vegetable was / is not. Nevertheless, I always like to do it in the chicken soup, bolognese but also in the chili pure. Probably that’s the power of habit … but I have not questioned the vegetables until now, although I always like doing that when I consciously include foods in the food chain. I became more curious, because the celery juice was really celebrated and the hype came from the USA to Europe.

celery juice

The myth of celery juice

Inspired by Anthony William I finally dared to try pure celery juice. According to the Medical Medium, celery should perform miracles and be considered “the greatest elixirs of all time”. I did not hesitate for a long time, because I was so impressed by the quality of the celery. Well, what can I say? I told my husband that I bought a supply of celery to make fresh celery juice. Guess how he reacted … of course with “iiiii” celery juice just leave me alone with the …

Does celery juice taste good and is it healthy?

He did not encourage me with his reaction, but he could not stop me either. So I processed a bunch of celery in juice and poured it into a glass. I was definitely surprised by his taste … By storing in the fridge, the celery juice was very refreshing! I could not feel the ugh feeling of my husband. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize that the taste is very intense. But in terms of taste he tasted much better than green smoothies, which I do not even get down.

How does celery juice work?

Whether I drink the celery juice regularly in the morning and then drink half a liter like Anthony recommends that I do not know at the moment. I certainly know one thing. It’s got me well, in any case, it has tasted me and it has helped immensely my digestion. I also had a positive influence on my husband and children so that they only drank approx. 100 ml. For the kids, though, it was a one-time thing so far, so I’ll probably add apples to the celery juice to make it more digestible for them. Well, my husband surprised me … because he realized by drinking pure celery juice that his heartburn got better and even disappeared. That made me incredibly happy and encouraged to make the juice more often.

Celery juice and allergies

However, I will have to take care in the spring because of my allergy. For celery is known for its cross-allergy to pollen such as birch. For me personally, the time in winter was the best so that I do not get a negative reaction in terms of allergy.

I hope I could make you a little curious about the celery juice so you can make your own experience.

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